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(Hearing Aid Programmer)
Universal 100 to 240 Volts @ 50/60 Hz

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On all items when ICube is purchased with any Pair of our recertified Aids and shipped together!

Phonak ICUBE Hearing Aid Programmers
Available on Separate Auction Inless clearly stated.

(Actual ICube Packages Shown)


This auction is for one Phonak© ICube Programmer Package as shown in the pictrues below. You can't beat the Phonak© ICube for programming the current technology Phonak© Hearing aids and devices (CORE & SPICE Platforms). It will also allow you to link and pair your Phonak© accessories with your hearing aids without leaving home.

Whether you have the desire to program your own devices; doing your own fine-tuning and "tweaking"or not, this is a fantastic opportunity to have a Phonak© ICube at a super price. Quantites are limited, as is the "Free Shipping Offer" on your entire order when you purchase our ICube and a pair of our recertified Phonak aids at the same time and they are shipped to the same location. Ask for details, or just indicate on both Ebay purchases / PayPal Payments: "Free Shipping Offer" and all shipping, handling and insurance will be free - credited back to your account as a refund prior to shippment. (Domestic Continental USA Orders Only).

With the ICube, you have the ability to set and adjust your Phonak© hearing aids so they sound and amplify the way you want them to. Self-programming is clearly not for everyone. However, if it is for you, you will not find higher quality hearing aids than Phonak© - or a less expensive way to program them yourself than with the Phonak ICube - period!

The Phonak ICube can also program certain other similar OEM aids such as some of the Unitron hearing aids that normally use Unitron's wireless programmer (an ICube in a Unitron Case). Both Unitron and Phonak are owned by Senova and share parts of their product lines. Phonak is the higher margin "Mercedes" while Unitron is more along the "Audi" line (pun intended). In any event, I'm a Phonak believer, having worn them myself for years.

Don't settle for the cheap hardware and "mickey-mouse" software that some are selling as a "self-programmable package". Phonak© Hearing Aids and the Phonak ICube© will cost you much less and provide much more. Most importantly, you'll have the highest quality and most feature-rich hearing aids that can be purchased.

If you would like more information about this and my personal experience in reaching my own hearing restoration goals and self-programming, I have written a paper with a bit more about many of the related questions. You may read more about this, including links to various manuals, technical data, the free Phonak programming software and much more at: http://www.mlprestwich.com/hearingaid-information/

Here is the link to Open Source Phonak IPFG 2.6b Programming Software:
Click Here For Phonak iPFG 2.6b Download it, install it and try it for yourself. Note: This only programs CORE Platform Devices - the latest "SPICE" devices require TARGET or NOAH to program.

Included are the following items:

  • All New USA Distributor Goods (no Chinese knock-offs) !
  • 1 each Phonak ICube Programmer.
  • 1 each Phonak ICube Charger. (Multi-Voltage - 100 to 240 volts / 50 to 60 Hz - USA Plug easily adapted)
  • 1 USB Cable - ICube will also charger from the included USB.
  • 2 each Manufacturer's Original Boxes and Packing.
  • Link to Open Source Phonak IPFG 2.6b Programming Software for CORE Phonak Devices (Above)

You should consider having your local audiologist, or through you own self-programming, adjust any hearing devices to your specific physiology, ear contours and domes/molds for best performance and proper configuration of the digital anti-feedback/whistle functions after receiving them.

Use of ICube and the free Phonak iPFG software requires some knowledge of running the related computer program(s), as well as a basic understanding of audio, the audio spectrum and hearing loss. Contact us for more details if this is something you are interested in doing yourself and would like a custom package auction or separate private package auction.

CUSTOM AUCTIONS, Packages or Special Sales can be created for your specific needs upon request, Based Upon Inventory and Availability. We often have SINGLE UNITS that may be used to match those you may have LOST or STOLEN. Contact Us for Details on your specific needs. If we don't have it, we will make every to find it for you.


Before bidding or purchasing, carefully review the FDA Notice and legal information, along with the FDA waiver at the bottom of this document before bidding or purchasing.

The pictures below are the itemd being sold.




All the "fine print" necessities below, but some treasures in there as well if you look.


We are not licensed audiologists. We can not directly, indirectly or legally assess your hearing loss, needs or medical condition(s), nor that the specific hearing aids you elect to purchase are proper and correct for your hearing loss and hearing needs. By purchasing through the secondary wholesale hearing aid market(s), you understand and agree to assume full responsibility for all such factors, along with any others that would normally and customarily be provided by a retail hearing aid dispenser, outlet or audiologist.

Individuals are encouraged to do such research and investigation for themselves. If you purchase this auction, we assume no liability or responsibility with respect thereto. By and through your purchase, you agree to hold seller completely harmless with respect to how these devices may be tested, programmed or used by either you or by us.

We are wholesale resellers only. We purchase many devices that go unused and make them available to those who have the desire to learn self-programming, along with the basic knowledge of hearing and what they want to accomplish for themselves. We make no guarantees or promises with respect to your hearing expectations or other factors.

CAREFULLY READ ALL INFORMATION IN THIS AUCTION. RETURNS ARE NOT ACCEPTED on electronic items of this nature. Please make certain you have read and understand all elements of this auction and consulted your audiologist if you feel that is appropriate. We cannot be responsible for buyer's lack of knowledge or misunderstanding. We will be happy to answer all questions, so ask before bidding or buying. All items will be delivered insured, signature required.


"I can and will tell you about my experiences and share the knowledge I have gained in this and other areas, but I cannot and will not practice audiology. I am not an audiologist. I want to be very clear about that aspect. I am happy to answer your questions, but the actual education, learning and adjustments are up to you for obvious legal and other reasons . Further, I make no representations about the fitness of any device or devices for your specific needs, use or intended uses and/or objectives. It is always wise, and I highly recommend, that anyone with hearing issues should consult a medical doctor or medical hearing specialist to be certain a more serious underlying condition is not at the source of one's hearing problems or loss."

By or through the use of any information, data, processes or other elements contained herein, on our websites, or as a result of anything that may be secondarily obtained or used as a result of anything herein, the reader and/or user expressly accepts all responsibility and liability and agrees to hold the seller, author and contributors to this site and information completely harmless with respect to any and all factors to which this site, jointly or severally, in its' entirety, may be deemed to have been a cause, be it proximate, contributory or otherwise.

We are required to include the following information in this auction. If you have questions, contact me for details: "According to the FDA, it is in your best health interest to obtain a professional medical evaluation before purchasing a hearing aid and you are encouraged to do so before bidding on this item. If you choose not to obtain a medical evaluation before purchasing this item, We are required by law to provide to obtain from you a waiver of the medical evaluation. (SEE WAIVER BELOW) User Instructional Brochures, manual and other information may be obtained by Electronically Delivery (EDM) from the links below:

CLICK HERE FOR ICube User's Guide/Manual

Some Manuals may be extensive and take significant time to download - please be patient.

By making a purchase, you are agreeing to the following:
By and through my purchase, I certify I am over age 18 and I have been advised the Food and Drug Administration has determined my best interest would be served if I had a medical evaluation by a licensed physician, preferably a physician who specialized in diseases of the ear, prior to purchasing a hearing instrument; or, alternately, a test by a licensed audiologist utilizing customary procedures and devices in the fitting of hearing instruments or aids. By my purchase and payment, I certify I do not wish either a medical evaluation or test before purchasing a hearing instrument.

FDA strongly encourages people to seek medical help before trying to remedy a hearing problem themselves. This is a waiver to the medical evaluation requirements when purchasing hearing aids. Please read carefully. You, the prospective hearing aid user, must be 18 years of age or older. The hearing aid user should obtain a medical evaluation prior to the purchase of hearing aids, as this may not be the best solution to your hearing problem. We do not encourage anyone to bypass the medical evaluation. The exercise of this waiver may not be in your best health interest. I have been advised by Seller herein that the Food and Drug Administration has determined that my best health interest may be served if I had a medical evaluation by a licensed physician or certified hearing professional before purchasing a hearing aid. By entering my bid or other offer to purchase this item, absent my providing seller with a signed statement to the contrary, I, through my bid and/or purchase, do hereby expressly waive and certify that I do not wish a medical evaluation before purchasing these/this hearing aid(s).

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